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Master Bedroom Transformation

 "Rustic Elegance"


The master bedroom in this home needed a little extra love. With dated furniture and not a lot of charm, it did not fit with the rest of this beautiful home. The owner wanted a bedroom for her and her boyfriend that was a mix of feminine and masculine characteristics. She wanted a room that would make them feel cozy and clean at the same time. By mixing metallic and natural elements such as the distressed wood top dressers with the mercury glass candle pillars, we successfully achieved this look. The mirror above the bed which included both elements allowed for a more romantic feel while making the room appear larger. Thankfully, purchasing a bed with drawers left us space for a sitting area to add to the comfort level of this beautifully redesigned master bedroom. Including off-white bedding with plush, grand pillows helped the room feel more airy.  Both the owner and her boyfriend were extremely pleased with the outcome and believe that it truly earned it's name of "Rustic Elegance".


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