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Everything that you need to know about booking a Beauty Class with Allison Eber

Congratulations on Hosting a Beauty Class!

Here are some tips to ensure your class is a success!

How to invite and let your friends know about your class! -When you’re inviting people, invite people from all over and especially ones who may have never heard of SEINT before. Don’t hesitate to invite people who you may not even think may wear that much makeup because a simple quad may be just what they need. We love to share that SEINT love. I would invite a bunch today and maybe some Tuesday/Wednesday too so you don’t get put in Facebook jail for adding all at once. -Then post the link to your party on your personal page. - You can also send a personal message to invite your friends. Copy the message and send through your list to make it easier. - Aim to invite a minimum of 30-50 gals.

Post a Before/After and explain why you love the makeup! You can even go live doing your makeup in 5 min or record it to post to the group. That’s an extra bonus that friends love to see.

Before and after example: 

How the class will work! - Your class will be held in a group on Facebook. - The class will have an initial video explaining how our makeup works! - Start posting inviting friends as soon as you can before the event! Do a Last Call/Reminder message/post Tuesday before the event! - A welcome post from me plus a few other videos will be posted on Wednesday! - Class posts will run all day Wednesday - Saturday - There will be a giveaway based on engagement… remind your friends to like, comment, & get color matched! - The Live Demo will be on Thursday! - I’ll also post fun tutorials and information as well as ask for their no makeup selfie - Saturday I’ll remind about selfies. -Sunday I’ll ask for all orders and remainder no makeup selfies

IMPORTANT: What should you do during the class? - Play along with the posts! - Tag your friends under things you think they may specifically be interested in! Like! Comment! - Post your Before and After, your compact and tools! - Remind your friends about the Live portion! - Watch the LIVE portion - and comment on it! This is SUPER important! 


After the Live part: - You can send a message to your friends and see what they thought! - Share again with them why you love the makeup! - Encourage them to get color matched if they haven’t already! - Continue to comment on the posts being posted in the class!

Your Rewards! - Orders will need to be in by Sunday at midnight (following the live) in order to count towards your party rewards! (I can extend if needed) - I will let you know how much credit and how many 1/2 off items you have earned!



So excited for you to earn all kinds of free goodies!! I will reach out a few days before the party starts. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions before then too. 

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